all about the admin.

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all about the admin.

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:38 pm

hiya I'm the admin and i like to thank Cynder2D for the website design and more. lol!

i am the admin i would be monitoring these post deleting anything that is listed on the rules if your not aware they are

Evil or Very Mad on and off server Evil or Very Mad
Arrow no sexual pictures of any short
Arrow If admin don't abuse it or you can be reported and removed from administration on server
Arrow no dissing the pony's saying you hate them due to we hate trolls and this is a troll free site.
Arrow No hldj unless admins say you can. (admins need permission from all players for hldj)
Arrow No sexual sounds on hldj if admins let you (apply to admins to)
Arrow no mic spamming with our hldj

And that's the rules with all the others so enjoy and have fun. jocolor

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